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Providing 25 Years of Virus Protection

Established in 1988, CyberSoft offers anti-virus products and solutions for UNIX, Linux, and Solaris systems. Through our research and development we’ve continued to improve VSTK which provides the most up to date anti-virus scanning for UNIX/Linux.

What Can We Help You Protect?


Mange and generate your current VSTK licenses Obtain VSTK daily virus definitions manually Send suspicious files to us for examination.

  • VSTK

    The VFind Security Toolkit (VSTK) is a suite of four powerful network and computer antivirus utilities that provides flexible and uncompromising computer antivirus protection.

    Want More Info?

    Need more information about how we can help protect your servers and safeguard your desktops no matter what OS they run?

    Who is CyberSoft?

    Founded 1988, CyberSoft took the industry by storm with the VFind UNIX antivirus product. Not only was it the first anti-virus scanner for UNIX, it was the first heterogeneous (multi-platform) virus scanner, as well as the first scanner to incorporate a full virus description language.

    We live in a dangerous world where the automation of processes from military battle management to global financial transactions are vulnerable. Our mission is to protect these systems and to do it better than anyone else in the world. We provide UNIX and Linux server security as well as antivirus and malware protection for critical systems.

    CyberSoft is committed to excellence and performance, upholding ourselves to the highest standards, and proven by our 25 years of experience in the industry. CyberSoft strives to continue this path of excellence for the next 25 years and beyond.

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